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Health & Wellness Policy

Aging touches each and every one of us. Ohio Living believes that health education, social mobilization and advocacy can modify human lifestyles and create supportive environments to enable individuals to make healthy choices. Health and wellness services are offered at each level of care in our organization: home and community based services, apartment and villa living, assisted living; special care and health care. We believe that maintenance and improvement of physical function is primary to the health and wellness of our residents. In each setting, we are committed to maximizing independence through risk-screening, health education, fitness programming, restorative and rehabilitative services. We also believe in palliative care for those who are facing unalterable health issues.

We believe that each person has the right to privacy, dignity, information and choice when making care and service decisions. We strive to honor personal wishes and encourage and support the participation of family members and friends as they provide their unique contribution to the individual's quality of life. 
We believe in a care management approach to assist those we serve meet their changing health challenges through assessment of needs, linkage with services and continuous monitoring and revision of the service plan. Through donations to the Ohio Living Foundation this link opens in a new window, our residents receive the most appropriate level of care regardless of ability to pay or the availability of third-party reimbursement.

We continually balance the often-conflicting concepts of safety and autonomy. Where regulations permit, we negotiate risk with individuals who are able to make rational decisions and understand the consequences of their actions. At the same time, we keep in mind our corporate risks and responsibilities regarding the safety of the individual and those around them.

We believe that quality services can only be obtained through committed, capable and caring employees. The goal of Ohio Living is to be the best place to work as well as the best place to live. We offer our employees programs and services to encourage them to meet their own health and wellness needs, as well as opportunities to continue their professional and personal development.