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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Heather, Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice – Greater Cleveland and Youngstown

Posted on February 07, 2023 in In The News

Notable congratulations to Silver Heart Award recipient Heather, a leader with Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice – Greater Cleveland and Youngstown. Heather raises the bar to align two locations, create leaders, and mentor staff, as well as hire and retain quality personnel.


Heather stepped into a very large role during the height of the pandemic. She has always stayed the course, demonstrating intellect, and an ability to work independently, while also working with others to reach deadlines and goals. She is supportive and caring and understands how to pace herself for the long road ahead.


Her leader shared, “Heather understands that this is a journey and not a race to the finish. She is building a career and not just coming to a job each day. Not only does she work to improve her staff and outcomes, but she self-reflects often and continues to grow in her role. I am incredibly proud of Heather and the job she has done and continues to do!”


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