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What Your Life Might Look Like Should You Make the Move

Posted on January 11, 2018 in Senior Lifestyle Options

You’ve likely heard that social engagement is good for your health. It can stimulate the mind, help ward off loneliness and depression and keep you more active. But did you know social engagement alone may not be enough?

A study, reported in Psychological Science, found that adults who engaged in continually learning new skills showed improvement in memory compared to those who were engaged in routine social activities or non-demanding mental activities at home.

“The findings suggest that engagement alone is not enough. The three learning groups were pushed very hard to keep learning more and mastering more tasks and skills. Only the groups that were confronted with continuous and prolonged mental challenge improved,” the study’s lead researcher reported.

You can continually find new opportunities to challenge your mind. For example, a retirement community would continually update your schedule, provide new offerings for you to expand your knowledge base.

There will always be new things to learn

Haven’t hopped on the technology bandwagon, but still want to?

Come on, then, and join the fun! Modern digital technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and that includes being user-friendly. Ohio Living Breckenridge Village offers opportunities to learn about how to use technology to your advantage.

Always wanted to learn how to paint, but never gave it a try?

There are many communities that provide opportunities for artistic growth. For example, Ohio Living Breckenridge Village has close ties with nearby colleges and the fine arts association so that you can reach whatever artistic goal you’re aiming for. Painting and other forms of the arts are just as important as any other form of education – they can serve as therapy for your mind.

Enjoy reading, but want to add more purpose?

Reading is a great way to stimulate the mind. Feel like telling the world (or just a few of your near-and-dear friends) your thoughts on that amazing book you just finished? Or perhaps that not-so-good book you want to warn people about? Learn to do book reviews! You can join a book club or write reviews online. Websites like Goodreads make this easy — you can join different book clubs and share what you thought on the last book you read — all from your tablet, phone, or computer!

Have a curious mind but aren’t sure where to put your focus just yet?

Your options are limitless! Attend a lecture to see if you’re interested in studying the subject further. Go to a library and check out a book that looks interesting to you, whether it’s a biography, memoir, or otherwise – inspiration for learning might strike you in an unexpected way. Breckenridge offers Lifelong Learning seminars so that residents can continue to challenge themselves with new learning opportunities. Why turn down an opportunity like that? The things you gain from keeping your mind active and happy are invaluable.

Interested in learning more about what Ohio Living Breckenridge Village has to offer for learning or other wellness opportunities? Experience the continuum of life. Give us a call at 440-942-4342 or contact us online to learn more.

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