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Seniors Serving Seniors - Recognizing Ella Mefford

Posted on June 09, 2023 in

As we continue our Seniors Serving Seniors series, we’re delighted to feature Ella’s experiences at Ohio Living Cape May, which have helped to shape her aspirations for continued education and a career in healthcare.


What are your plans after high school?

Working at Ohio Living Cape May has inspired me to pursue a healthcare-associated career! I will attend Ohio University in the fall and major in Pre-Physical Therapy/Exercise Physiology. I was accepted into Ohio University’s Early Assurance Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. This will allow me to have a guaranteed spot in their doctorate program upon graduation. I plan to specialize in Geriatrics or Women’s Health within the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

What do you aspire to be/how do you desire to serve greater humanity after high school?

I have grown up watching my Nana serve our community. Growing up watching her compassion, admiration, and consistent generosity has inspired me to follow suit. Upon working at Ohio Living Cape May, I have connected with many residents who have shared their stories of volunteering or the gratefulness that one holds who may be on the receiving end. This sense of compassion and gratitude towards others are qualities I promise to continue into my career and personal life.

What’s been the best part for you serving/supporting older Americans at Ohio Living?

I go to work each day excited about the stories, experiences, and connections I get to share with my best friends. These interactions inspire and motivate me to pursue what I once thought was unachievable. Through my job, I’ve learned that the human condition is a gift that begins before we take our first breath and expands into forever, weaving and collapsing into itself promising never to be the same. I’m blessed to savor so many sweet moments with my wiser, kinder friends who instinctively look forward to every meal, interaction, and story because they know that stories are how one lives on forever. My hope is that by listening to their words and joining in their laughter, I’ll be able to honor them in some small way as the fantastic people they are.

What is your favorite quote, life verse, etc.; something that inspires you?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” - Dr Suess

I love this quote, because senior year is the year for many ends that lead to new beginnings. I am extremely sad that my time here at Ohio Living Cape May is coming to an end because I leave for college at the beginning of August. However, I will cherish every single interaction and hold close to my heart the memories I have made with the residents at Ohio Living Cape May, for they have become my truest friends.


Thanks for everything, Ella, and we wish you the absolute best in your future pursuits!