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Dana Ullom-Vucelich – 5 Ways to Prepare for an Interview

Posted on February 27, 2023 in Learning

Putting your best foot forward is important, both in life and especially during the interview process. Here are some helpful preparation tips to bear in mind for your next interview.


1. Practice. Let a trusted friend or mentor help you with a “dry run” before the actual interview. Practice makes perfect and will help you build confidence.

2. Look the part. Professional dress elevates your look and locks in a good first impression.

3. Ask thoughtful questions. Refresh yourself on the job description and come prepared with a few thoughtful questions that solidify your interest in the role.

4. Be human. Connecting on a personal level with your interviewer should not be underrated. Employers are looking for relatable professionals who can manage casual conversations and contribute to a positive company culture too.

5. Bring enthusiasm. Candidates who smile, engage, and genuinely care about the role they’re interviewing for stand out.

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