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Family 411: "Rightsizing" for those moving to smaller homes

Posted on January 11, 2017 in In The News, Senior Lifestyle Options

We all tend to do a little spring cleaning to clear out clutter. It's different and often times overwhelming for seniors when moving decades of belongings from their house to a retirement apartment. They're reminders of life's journey. Some are harder than others to let go. Some you can't part with at all.

Tina Butler sifted through decades of treasure when she and her husband decided to move from their three-floor condo to a smaller retirement apartment. "We had a lot of stuff in our basement and in closets," said Butler...

"Rightsizing is kind of downsizing with the right amount of things," said Sherri Wamsley with Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber. Part of that is picking out what means to you the most and either donate or toss the rest.

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