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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Sarah, Ohio Living Swan Creek

Posted on February 19, 2024 in

Counting our blessings, and Silver Heart Award recipient Sarah is among them. Not only is Sarah an award-winning business development professional who excels in her position, but she is also the ultimate team player.


Sarah goes above and beyond for her staff, residents, residents' families and the community. She is a great listener, helping people discern their care and living needs, and is willing to work with them as needs to change to make sure they have everything they need. Notably, she is active in Toledo-area organizations and for many, she is the "face" of Ohio Living Swan Creek.


According to others on her team, Sarah is an outstanding supervisor and mentor who leads by example. She is fair, honest and ethical, and truly wants everyone to be successful. She fills in for her staff whenever they have appointments, are ill or on vacation while completing her job, too. You will never hear Sarah say, "That's not my job." She knows how to get things done and is an excellent problem solver.


One nominator shared, “Twice a week and often more, Sarah staffs the front desk and covers the phones. When the dining room is short-staffed, she helps out by serving beverages, bussing tables and delivering meals. Sarah has been known to stay late and help with dinner, too, even though she has a 90-minute commute each way. She even helps the housekeepers and always ensures the community looks pristine. I cannot think of a more deserving employee to receive the Silver Heart award, especially under the category of excellence. She lives and breathes our mission, and she deserves to be recognized for doing so!”


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to highlight our winners in a series of spotlight blogs. Be sure to follow along!