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Business Journal: Caregivers Learn to Take New Approach for Dementia

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio via The Business Journal – BilliJo Byram puts on a pair of glasses that reduce her peripheral vision and skew her depth perception. Then she puts on a set of headphones that create white noise so her hearing is limited to picking up only the murmur of people’s voices. Next she pulls on a pair of gloves that cause her fingers to lose their sense of feel.

That done, Byram is told to complete five tasks: feed the dog, find the white shirt and button it, put shoes in the box, zip up a coat, sweep debris into the garbage can.

“You get onto one task and it’s difficult to complete and you get onto the next task. And by then you forget the other three,” says the activities assistant for Ohio Living Park Vista’s Eden Dementia Unit in Youngstown. “The point is to help you understand what people [suffering from dementia] might be going through.”

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