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Ohio Living Dorothy Love Breaks Ground on Sargeant Family Center for Aquatic Therapy and Rehab

SIDNEY (Ohio Living) -- After a strongly supported campaign to create one of the premier therapy centers in the Miami Valley, ground has been broken for The Sargeant Family Center for Aquatic Therapy and Rehab at Ohio Living Dorothy Love.

Generous donors surpassed the target goal, raising $1.52 million for the project. “At Dorothy Love we have been evolving and changing for more than 94 years and this is just another example of how we will continue changing to meet the needs of our community,” said Tricia Atwood, Ohio Living Dorothy Love’s executive director.

The star of the new center will be the HydroWorx 2000 therapy pool.

The pool floor is a treadmill that also lifts up to ground level so a patient in a wheelchair can roll onto the surface.

Underwater cameras record movement to help the therapist and allow them to send information to the patient‘s physician. 

Longtime Ohio Living  Dorothy Love supporters Robert and John Sargeant served as honorary chairs of the campaign. The Sargeant family has a rich history of involvement with the campus. And it was because of the brothers’ leadership and generosity that this campaign was such a success.

Another campaign standout is Ray Koenig who chaired the Campaign Leadership Committee, working with both donors and the campaign team. His high regard for Ohio Living Dorothy Love traces back to the care his late wife received at the campus.

“People were willing to give to this campaign because they are grateful for the care that they or their family member have received at [Ohio Living ] Dorothy Love,” said Tricia. “Overall, our greater community believes we follow our mission and they believe in the service that we are providing on our campus,” she added.

The center will offer inpatient and outpatient therapy to Ohio Living Dorothy Love residents as well as those in the Sidney/Shelby County area, benefiting the entire region for years to come.

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