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Toledo Blade: Bunnies brighten seniors' days

Toledo Blade: The best visitors are the kind with twitching noses.

“I wouldn’t pass them up, because they’re just so precious,” said Verna Evanoff, cooing at the black-and-white bunny hunkered down on her lap. Peering down at the sleepy-looking Oreo, she added with a laugh, “As you can see, he likes attention.”

On this day, Oreo, Suede, and the extra-fluffy Bella are comfortably situated on laps at Ohio Living Swan Creek, where retiree residents look forward to biweekly bunny visits. Sunshine Communities provides the rabbits — their clients care for five in hutches in an onsite barn — as well as the caretakers who shuttle the bunnies from lap to lap and take care that they don’t get bored and hop away. (It happens sometimes, said Jen Simon, a direct support professional who oversees the visits, but rarely at the retirement community; they get too much attention there.)

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