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February Resident Artist of the Month: Jinnie Williard

the luthier's workshop

Jinnie has lived at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber for three years, but she has been creating art for more than 60.  About "The Luthier's Workshop," Jinnie said, "I've always considered my son-in-law's workshop as a work of art.  This particular morning, the sun added a glow to the room, creating a perfect picture."

about our art contest

Each of our campuses is home to residents who paint, sculpt, photograph, draw, carve and quilt stunning creations everyday.  Many of those incredible artists have submitted their pieces into this year's 2018 Resident Art Calendar.  

Our judges painstakingly chose 13 to be featured in the calendar.  Throughout this year, we'll feature a new artist and their creation each month.

The artwork you'll see is the result of countless hours of our residents' study and practice, coupled with the patience and dedication required to develop their talent into the wonderful pieces you'll see each month.

See our past winners: 

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art contest