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Ohio Living Foundation Celebrates 30th Anniversary

COLUMBUS (Ohio Living) -- On July 1, the Ohio Living Foundation turned 30, starting in 1986 with $1.5 million in assets. Over that time, the Ohio Living Foundation has grown and evolved. More than 1,100 charitable gift annuities have been established, with 278 of the current charitable gift annuities valued at more than $7.3 million and 912 matured charitable gift annuities providing over $20 million.

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More than $56 million has been donated through estate giving. There are more than 1,000 Living Legacy Society members (made a deferred gift or will commitment, estate note or life income agreement), 393 Trustees’ Roundtable members (cumulative irrevocable giving reaches $100,000 or more)and 167 Named Endowments – 34 Program Level named endowments (minimum of $500,00 each) and 133 Supporting Level named endowments (minimum $50,000 cash/$100,000 deferred or $100,000 cumulative).

Today, the Ohio Living Foundation has $73 million in assets and is expanding partnerships and adapting for growth with their A Future Fundraising Task Force to help assess and refine operations for future success, as well as the launch of external fundraising with and a focus on innovation and the promise of new opportunities.

“We’re proud of the trusting 30-year partnership we’ve developed with people who believe in the [Ohio Living] mission. Our donors have given an astounding $224 million to improve the lives of our residents and clients throughout Ohio,” said Tom Hofmann, Foundation president during a 30th anniversary celebration and board retreat on June 16.

“What’s impressive about this isn’t so much the number, but the fact that these gifts happened because of the loving care provided to these individuals, their parents, spouses or other loved ones. Gratitude for exceptional care, combined with compassion for others, creates impact felt for generations. Projects large and small have gone from dreams to reality because of the generosity and faith of our caring donors.”

Congratulations Ohio Living Foundation!