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healthy living during the fall

Posted on October 17, 2021 in Health and Wellness

Good health is something that can be enjoyed and experienced at all ages and in every season. Fall is famous for great things like foliage, harvest and football! Whether you have grandchildren who play on school or community teams, prefer to watch college games or are a lifelong Buckeyes fan, Ohio has a lot of football to offer.


Football for Your Health?

How is watching football good for your health? It gives you an opportunity to get out and enjoy a little fresh air. You get to enjoy the experience of cheering as part of a crowd for a common cause, and it is a fun game to watch – especially when your team is winning. If getting out and going to a football game isn’t on your agenda this fall, though, you can always host your own tailgate party where you serve healthy football food, invite a few friends over and watch from the comfort of your home.


Volunteer for Better Health

The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that people over the age of 60 who volunteer report fewer instances of disability and higher levels of overall well-being than those who do not. The key to this finding, though, is that volunteering was found to have a greater impact on these characteristics than other factors such as education, income and marriage.


These great things help you build a healthier, happier lifestyle throughout the entire year. Staff members at Ohio Living communities would be happy to help you set and achieve your own goals to promote successful living year-round.