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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Bina, Ohio Living Llanfair

Posted on March 04, 2024 in

Recognizing Silver Heart Award recipient Bina, who has served as a resident assistant at Ohio Living Llanfair for 22 years. Having overcome much in her personal life, Bina is known as a “true inspiration” among her assisted living residents and fellow employees.


“When I first came to the United States, I was in the hospital from an accident I was involved in,” said Bina. “That inspired me to find a job where I could care for others because I was so grateful for those who cared for me. I know that the residents need me, and I need them.”


Bina’s colleague shared, “Bina has overcome so much in life, but she always has a smile to share. She keeps a big garden every summer and brings in boxes of fresh produce for all Ohio Living Llanfair employees to pick from. If anyone has a reason to be down in the dumps, Bina does. But she wouldn't think of it! In each conversation, she will share how blessed she is and what small, wonderful thing has happened to her recently. She is a true inspiration.”


In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to highlight our winners in a series of spotlight blogs. Be sure to follow along!