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3 Easy Steps to Flu Prevention

Posted on November 20, 2017 in Caregiving

Taking care of physical health is an important part of successful living. In fact, it’s one of the fundamentals of Masterpiece Living, with the others being intellectual, social, and spiritual health. This means you must be proactive about your health. During winter, this means you need to take steps to prevent illnesses, like flu, that can have devastating long-term health effects.

According to the CDC, people aged 65 and over bear the greatest risk associated with flu, accounting for 80 to 90 percent of all flu-related deaths and 50 to 70 percent of all flu-related hospitalizations. It is important to take action to prevent this particular illness whenever possible.

You know the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin is the one who made the statement – one that is as true today as when it was originally penned. These are some steps you can take, starting today, to help prevent flu.

Number One: Get Your Vaccination

The importance of flu vaccinations for people over the age of 65 cannot be stressed enough. It is so important that there is a new vaccine designed specifically for people over the age of 65 who face more substantial risks associated with flu. This new vaccine contains a much greater concentration of the antigen, which one study appearing in The New England Journal of Medicine reports is 24.2 percent more effective than traditional flu vaccines for treating flu in people who are 65 years of age or older.  

Number Two: Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands often and wash them well. Think about all the things you touch in the course of a day and the number of times you touch your face, your mouth, or rub your eyes. These actions all bring the germs from the surfaces you touch back to your face, the most vulnerable area of your body when it comes to illnesses like seasonal flu. Another step the CDC recommends in addition to washing your hands is to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. After a lifetime of doing so, it may be a hard habit to break, but it will offer many health benefits in return.

Number Three: Avoid Close Contact with those who have Seasonal Flu

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable because you are the one who takes care of the person in question or your spouse is the one who has the flu. That doesn’t mean you can’t limit your contact with them.

Consider things like sleeping in a different room. Or wearing a protective mask that covers your mouth and nose while you’re in the room. In addition, spray down surfaces with disinfecting spray to prevent germs from spreading when your loved one coughs or sneezes.

Ohio Living Llanfair is a Masterpiece Living community dedicated to helping you live your best possible life regardless of age. We believe that helping you safeguard your physical health is an important part of Masterpiece Living, and that includes educating you about flu prevention. These simple actions will reduce your risks of getting seasonal flu this year.

When the time comes to discuss options with your parents, we believe it’s a good idea to consider a community like the one we have to offer by scheduling a visit so the entire family can get a good idea of what Masterpiece Living is all about – and what a difference it can make for your loved one. Contact us today to schedule a tour!