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7 Questions to Make Your Transition to a Retirement Community Smoother

Posted on November 06, 2017 in Senior Lifestyle Options

The transition to a retirement community can be just as daunting as it is exciting. We encourage you to enjoy what you’ve been looking forward to for so long, but to fully enjoy this next stage of life, you must be adequately prepared.

We’ve selected a few of the most important talking points to guide you along in this process. This list of seven questions will get you started, but you should also write down any other concerns that you may have when it comes to your transition into retirement.

1) What’s my first step? When making a change in your living situation, you want to know where to begin. Start asking your friends and families for suggestions and then begin your search online by visiting websites of retirement communities that will fit your lifestyle needs. This will help you manage the stress of making changes in your living arrangements. Here’s a helpful article for researching your options.

2) How long do I have to move? Make sure you have adequate time to move your belongings. Remember this isn’t just about boxing up your things and taking them to a different location. You’ll need to sort through your possessions with your family or friends and make decisions about what you’re keeping, what you’re passing along, and what you’re selling. Ohio Living Llanfair routinely offers Downsizing Seminars and has a list of experts who can help with the process.  

3) How long will the deposit hold the apartment? This is a common question asked when potential residents are looking for a new living option. Again, you want to make sure you’re giving yourself enough time. Don’t feel pressure to make a decision immediately, but if you are serious about one community, it is a good idea to make a deposit to hold your spot.

4) How much furniture can I bring? This may come down to the floor plan and your options. Residents living at Ohio Living Llanfair are offered multiple choices when it comes to living arrangements. Consider your budget, what you enjoy that makes your space personal and everything you currently have at your home. Ohio Living Llanfair even offers the services a Move-in Coordinator who can help make your move easier.

5) What moving companies are recommended? Most retirement communities work with several moving companies and some of them may even help with your downsizing. Getting a good referral that the retirement community trusts is one less thing you have to worry about.

6) What if I can’t sell my house and I already put down a deposit? You should see what your prospective community’s policy is to understand how to navigate this best. Check with friends on how they navigated the process and seek advice from your financial advisor.

7) What is the application process? Every community has their own application process. Contact us today to get in touch with a member of the Ohio Living Llanfair team to discuss your options for an application.

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