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Brain Fitness Technology Benefits Llanfair Retirement Community

Posted on June 09, 2009 in In The News

A brain fitness technology called the Dakim Brain Fitness System that helps seniors reduce their risk of memory loss and dementia, is all the rage among Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services (OPRS) residents at Llanfair Retirement Community.

“As one of Ohio’s leading providers of senior living communities, our mission is to enhance the lives of those who we serve," said Dan O’Connor, OPRS executive vice president and chief operating officer. "Dakim Brain Fitness makes it fun and easy for our residents to unleash the power of brain fitness to enhance their quality of life and well- being."

The system helps seniors preserve brain function by using a touch screen-based mental stimulation system. A constantly changing series of rigorous but entertaining multimedia activities helps seniors preserve brain function. The system uses interactive puzzles, stories, word scrambles and other activities. It also employs pre-1950s film clips and other senior-friendly references that are updated frequently, and are played on a touch screen computer appliance that requires no mouse, keyboard or computer knowledge.

For a short time, ten OPRS Communities have had the Dakim units.

"Already, resident response has been overwhelmingly positive," said O’Connor. "Our residents find it easy and enjoyable, but still challenging, which means they will return to it often and reap powerful benefits for brain health."

Dakim Brain Fitness is designed for use by virtually all seniors, from those with the sharpest minds to seniors who have mild cognitive impairment, those at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, and even those with moderate dementia. It is currently the most widely adopted brain fitness system in senior living communities. A home unit is expected to be available early this year.