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Content Spark: Preventing Falls in Senior Care

Posted on November 21, 2016 in Active Aging, Caregiving, Health and Wellness

The first day of fall was September 22 this year, and the National Council on Aging and other organizations across the country used this day (and month) to help prevent fall-related injuries among older adults. The theme this year is “Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in 2016.” This topic is highly relevant for so many older adults, family caregivers, and professional caregivers nationwide — we hope you’ll join the effort to raise awareness and help families and elders address this concern. 

Content Tips for Any Senior Care Company

  • Summarize the top dangers that lead to older adults falling and harming themselves, and what can be done to prevent these falls from happening in the first place. Include tips and technologies that will help older adults prevent falls, or to get help should they fall while home along (such as an ADP wearable response pendant or wristband).
  • Share real-life stories about the damage falls can cause and about people making a difference to prevent falls. This could include older adults who have taken action to protect themselves, such as overcoming initial resistance to using a walker or cane, or getting rid of throw rugs and adding hand rails to their home.
  • Join the social conversation on Twitter around the hashtag #FPAD2016. See what others are sharing, retweet your favorites, follow new people and organizations relevant to your senior care organization, and use the hashtag to help your content get found by more people. There will also be a Twitter chat on September 13th and a Facebook Live event on September 22nd that you can join — both organized around hashtag #FPAD2016 (type the hashtag into the social platform’s search bar to find related posts).
  • Content Tips for Senior Living Communities
  • What safety features does your senior living community offer that help to prevent falls? Use this opportunity to highlight those and/or remind your residents and their family members how you’ve considered their well being in this way.
  • In the unfortunate instance that a fall should occur in your community, what are your protocols for responding? Are there associated state regulations involved in those protocols? Periodically in senior care reviews on we find that families don’t understand these protocols that communities have, and you can use this opportunity to educate them in advance of any related incidents. If helpful, consider including how few falls are actually occurring in your community, and why that number is so low (such as the high quality care, staffing ratios, or other community features that keep that number low).
  • Consider a cane or walker decorating activity and provide materials to help residents bedazzle these walking supports. Be sure, though, that the embellishments don’t create any new hazards (such as ribbons touching the floor that can be tripped over), and instead just help the older adult want to prance proudly with their newly made-over walking support.
  • Content Tips for Home Care Agencies
  • Does your home care agency help ensure that older adults avoid falls? How so? Take this opportunity to discuss those services and supports in a blog post or social media share. For inspiration, here’s an example from BrightStar Care of Chicago.
  • Do your caregivers take a look around clients’ homes to identify any falls risks? How do you communicate those concerns to the older adult and their family members? Consider covering home safety as the angle in your coverage this month and include specific things that your agency is looking for and addressing with clients’ homes.

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