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Silver Heart Award Spotlight: Anastasia, Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice – Greater Youngstown

Posted on May 16, 2023 in In The News

Kudos to Silver Heart Award recipient Anastasia, who leads our Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice – Greater Youngstown team with fairness, consistency and heart. She demonstrates work/life balance in the intentional care of both her team and family and is quick to champion a spirit of comradery and togetherness.


A social worker in her region shared, "I have seen how many providers operate in my 25-year career as a social worker, and I truly, truly feel that the Youngstown hospice team is as strong as it is because of Anastasia's leadership. Many companies lose amazing employees because of poor management, and I feel that retention is strong in Youngstown because Anastasia takes the heavy burdens on herself and does not put that pressure on the team. Any time we have a question or concern, she does not rush us along, calls us back and is able to guide us without us feeling like we are inconveniencing her (even though we know how busy she is). She addresses issues head on, with a neutral/ professional approach. I have been in jobs where the managers were basically gossips and bullies and where the staff did not feel appreciated or valued. It is the opposite here. She is fair, genuine in her care of staff and patients, and overall, truly a blessing!”

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to highlight our winners in a series of spotlight blogs. Be sure to follow along!