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Accessibility is the key to aquatic therapy for those who can’t do steps or ladders

Posted on March 01, 2011 in Health and Wellness

Lana Carnes searched for quite a while for a pool that she could get in and out of easily. She had tried and had success with aquatic therapy in the past, but didn’t have the strength to get out of the pool after her sessions. She was worried about falling.

Her sister saw an ad for Park Vista’s new pool on TV and told her about it. “I love it here,” says Lana who comes three days a week driving all the way from Andover to Youngstown.

“It works my muscles without me knowing how hard I am working. The treadmill is terrific. They can make it go faster or use the jets to increase resistance.

Lana, who struggles with a neuro-muscular disease, finds she can get up and down out of chairs easier since she started therapy in the pool just over a month ago. She also says it is easier to get in and out of her car and bed.

“The pool is state-or-the-art and I feel I have really progressed. The therapist also gave me a program to work on at home, but it is different on land. The pool makes it a lot easier!”