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Rockynol residents experience Tai Chi’s benefits

Posted on March 03, 2011 in Health and Wellness

Rockynol residents are reaping the benefits of Tai Chi. Nancy G, from NG Energy, has led weekly Tai Chi classes for this enthusiastic senior group for over a year. One energetic participant quickly squats down like an athlete and pops back into a standing position, demonstrating how she now has increased flexibility in her knees and less pain. Another resident’s eyes fill with tears as she explains the stress of being a caregiver to her husband, but how she feels less tension and is enjoying more restful sleep since committing to tai chi.

In addition to increased flexibility, reduced pain and stiffness, decreased stress, and improved sleep experienced above, regular tai chi practice can also result in increased muscle strength, coordination, balance, and improved overall wellness.

Nancy G. shares her passion for Tai Chi every Monday at 11 AM at Rockynol.