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LOOK: Aviary arrives at Ohio Living Sarah Moore

Residents and staff members at Ohio Living Sarah Moore are happy as a lark that a new aviary has arrived in Delaware.

The Aviary was bought with grant money donated to the Activity Program from the Delaware Eagles Organization.

The community purchased the eight-foot aviary - called "The Big Texan" - from Oak Creek Aviary.  It houses 12 finches of four different breeds, which include: Gouldian, Society, Spice, and the Orange Cheek Waxbill.

The aviary is housed in the Historic Home building, which is the first building Sarah Moore had with 16 assisted living apartments. It is located in the first-floor lounge.  The aviary's light-colored wood matches perfectly with the walls inside the lounge.  

"We hope all the residents and their families will enjoy it," said Director of Program Services Lesley Rohrbaugh.

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