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Emmy Awarded To Westminster-Thurber Resident

Posted on July 28, 2006 in In The News

On June 9 in New York City, the Board of Trustees of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented Columbus resident Jo Schmidt with a special Emmy encapsulated in lead crystal, for her 38 years of dedication and excellence in television.

The award was planned as a surprise for Mrs. Schmidt who thought she would simply be delivering a farewell speech during her last meeting as an officer of the Academy's prestigious Board of Trustees. After serving as Trustee in 1968 and being appointed Secretary in 1970, she was the first person outside of Hollywood and New York to be elected as an officer of the Board. In 1974, Mrs. Schmidt became the Academy's first Parliamentarian.

"When I was called up to accept the award, even as a member of the International Toastmistress Clubs for 16 years, I must say I was speechless," Mrs. Schmidt said. "I have enjoyed a fabulous career and a wonderful life that has included visiting 16 countries, meeting many dignitaries and famous people and creating wonderful memories and experiences along the way."

Mrs. Schmidt was among the first women in the broadcasting field to enter the workforce. The first 10 years of Mrs. Schmidt's career in television began in 1955 at WLWC, first as secretary to the Sales Manager, then in various administrative positions. In 1965, she moved to WBNS-TV where she first worked as Traffic Manager then Assistant National Sales Manager until her retirement in 1982.

Mrs. Schmidt attributes much of her early success juggling family and career demands to her late husband Jim, who supported her efforts and accompanied her on many international trips until the time of his death in 1989.

Formerly of Grandview, today, as a resident of Westminster-Thurber Community on Neil Ave. in Columbus, Mrs. Schmidt focuses her energies on her family and volunteer work. She also views retirement living as another new, interesting facet of her life journey.

"My motto is simple, but effective: "I live by JOY -- Jesus First, Other's Second and Yourself last. It has worked for me in all the seasons of my life, and especially now at Westminster-Thurber," Mrs. Schmidt said. "Many people think that moving into a retirement community is a signal to stop living, but for me it is a brand new beginning with unlimited possibilities for service," Mrs. Schmidt said.

"It is how you perceive the rest of your life that makes the difference."