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Movie Premier of Moonshine & Kafka

Posted on February 16, 2018 in Active Aging, In The News, Learning

“Retirement is not about stopping…it is about redirecting”.  This is a wise expression by many of the residents who live at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber. When a person has time to think, plan and do—the possibilities are endless. 

In the fall of 2017, residents of Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber were offered an opportunity to take a 14-week college level class on Language Arts Methods. The instructor was C. Richele O’Connor, Wright State University Professor Emerita. The end goal of the class was to produce a short film.  Through a variety of class activities and by studying the elements of short film, the students wrote and designed the plot and script of their own movie.  Their class project took shape and ended with a professional filming crew shooting their script.


Ohio Living Creative Arts Academy (OLCAA)

Launched in Fall 2017, this academy has allowed the residents a greater opportunity to engage in creative thinking as well as expand their knowledge. O'Connor's course was part of this academy. We strive to help them defeat the blahs of life—boredom, loneliness and helplessness. This program is one of many Ohio Living programs that has enabled us to help the residents be the best they can be.

O’Connor, the course instructor, comments on the class:

"As a teacher, this class has meant the world to me.  The one thing I’ve loved most about teaching is that I was always learning something new:  this was no exception.  What these nine [stars of the film] produced knocked me off my feet each and every week.  The poetry and prose was better than anything any of my graduate students ever wrote, and the improvisations were stunning.  Chronologically gifted people—and I’m now one of them, as I’m a proud card-carrying member of AARP—can still learn new things, sometimes we just don’t do it as quickly as we used to." 


The movie premier of Moonshine & Kafka is on Sunday, February 25 at 2pm at The Gateway Film Center.

At the Premier after viewing the film, Richele will lead us in a discussion about how the movie was made and the impact it had on the residents’ learning. Then the audience can engage with the 9 film stars in a brief Q & A session.

Immediately following the premier, join us for a reception in the VIP Lounge for refreshments at the combination bar.  Mingle among friends, family and the stars!

If you’d like to see our premier and support our Academy, purchase your tickets here.

[*Note: To purchase tickets, after you click the link, click on the box "2:00" and this will take you to the page to buy your ticket(s). Turn off your pop-up blocker, as the link will direct you to a separate page. You will also be directed to create a free account with Gateway Film Center].

Learn more about the Gateway Film Center.


Parking at Gateway

Gateway Film Center is located at 1550 North High Street, with the parking garage easily accessible just east of High Street on either 11th or 9th Avenue. CampusParc staff, South Campus Gateway security, Gateway Film Center team members, and representatives from each of Columbus’s senior-serving Villages will be on hand to help direct and answer any questions you may have. Bring your parking ticket with you into the theater to get it validated (for $2 parking!)


Note: Movie Cover below was done by resident Phil Dally.

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