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VIVO rehearsals continue to strengthen our community

Posted on August 28, 2019 in In The News

In case you haven't heard, we at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber are hosting the VIVO Music Festival musicians for a second year! They have been rehearsing here every day this week and will continue to do so through Saturday, August 31. We are thrilled to host them again this year! Here are some photos and a recap of our week so far.


VIVO Rehearsals Day One: August 26

Starting around 10:15 a.m. Monday, the Calidore String Quartet's (pictured above) music was felt beautifully floating through the halls and offices. Work was easier that day. The day felt lighter and it carried an energy I haven't experienced in a while. And that light feeling hasn't gone away since.

Not even hours later, violinist and VIVO Festival co-founder Siwoo Kim performed "Lunch Bachs" (more on this below) for our Bridgewater (Memory Care) neighborhood. It was only 11a.m. and the music was just getting started! Three more rehearsals followed that day. 


Day Two: August 27

After the Calidore and Debussy rehearsals, Golijov arrangements (pictured above) crept through the a good way. One of our residents, an artist, eagerly drew away as the strings quickened and steadied. Every piece seemed to include at least two or three buildups (I may be exaggerating). Peace and excitement aren't typically experienced simultaneously. They were felt during this particular rehearsal.


Not long after...

The Brahms Clarinet Trio graced our chapel. 

With Gabriel Campos Zamora , principal clarinet of the Minnesota Orchestra; Anna Polonsky, a widely-demanded piano soloist and chamber musician; and Sujin Lee, in-demand solo cellist and frequent chamber musician for world-renowned venues.


Then came Mozart

The Mozart Viola Quintet took a seat in the Thurber Tower Community Room. What a show! The room was filled to the brim. I witnessed residents, employees (myself included) and families gathered around during and after the rehearsal, whispering and grinning ear-to-ear. I left for the day with the high-energy strings echoing in my ears. 


Day Three: August 28

The morning began with Calidore again, while Debussy pieces were felt from the chapel. 

One of the most spectacular features of this week is the community that has formed between the residents and musicians. The musicians have been engaging immensely with the residents and staff. This next photo was part of the VIVO "Lunch Bachs" initiative. In between pieces, as the audience enjoyed lunch, renowned solo pianist Anna Polonsky and VIVO co-founder and violinist Siwoo Kim, stood among their audience and engaged with them in brief descriptions and commentary of the different pieces.  

Anna Polonsky, pianist and Siwoo Kim, VIVO co-founder and violinist performing Debussy "Lunch Bachs"

VIVO's Lunch Bachs project is dedicated to providing live musical experiences directly to communities that may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy such performances. Things like this "pop-up" performance are sure to occur again this week.


I wished I could've stayed longer for this next one: The Enescu Octet

With the music in the background, one of the residents and I chatted about our families and the fond memories the music recalled. Some of our nursing students also got to sit in on this particular performance.


Two more rehearsals followed. The day is almost over and I'm still smiling! I can't believe we get to experience three more days of this!

I think Joel Wrobbel Director of Marketing, sums it up pretty well: "There is something transformative about a shared experience. I think this is what makes the VIVO Music Festival such an amazing experience for the residents and staff at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber. All week we hear incredible music and we converse about those pieces; and as we share our musical opinions and past experiences, the music stirs our emotions."


Be sure to make it to one of the performances this week! Go to for performance locations, times and tickets. #vivofest


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