Blog - March 2011

Rockynol residents experience Tai Chi’s benefits

Posted on March 03, 2011 in Health and Wellness

Rockynol residents are reaping the benefits of Tai Chi. Nancy G, from NG Energy, has led weekly Tai Chi classes for this enthusiastic senior group for over a year. One energetic participant quickly squats down like an athlete and pops back into a standing position, demonstrating how she now has increased flexibility in her knees and less pain. Another resident’s eyes fill with tears as she explains the stress of being a caregiver to her husband, but how she feels less tension and is enjoying more restful sleep since committing to tai chi.

Lake Vista’s Spiritual Life committee making a difference

Posted on March 02, 2011 in Health and Wellness

Lake Vista of Cortland’s spiritual life committee is making a difference on campus as well as the community at large. Residents and staff make up this committee.

Health Updates at Mount Pleasant

Posted on March 02, 2011 in Health and Wellness

The residents of Mount Pleasant have many options when it comes to their health care needs and will get to see first hand what the West Chester Hospital has to offer. They will be given a private tour of the facility on March 22. This is a great opportunity to meet the staff and learn about the different services offered. On another health-related note, the Jewish Hospital Mobile Mammography unit will be at Mount Pleasant on March 31st from 12:00 –4:00pm. Getting an annual mammogram is the best way to detect breast cancer. The goal is to “Find It, Treat It, Survive It”.

Get in Shape for Surgery with Aquatic Therapy

Posted on March 02, 2011 in Health and Wellness

Plan ahead to help ensure a smoother surgery and a speedier recovery If you are planning a scheduled surgery, pre-surgical therapy will increase your muscle strength and improve your cardio-vascular condition, resulting in a better surgical outcome. With hip or knee replacement, exercise s that strengthen your upper body will help you cope with crutches or a walker after surgery.

Keeping Active is One Key to Mental Fitness and Vitality!

Posted on March 01, 2011 in Health and Wellness

We all know how essential it is to maintain a healthy body, but maintaining a healthy mind is equally important as we age. Staying mentally fit can benefit your brain, as you grow older.