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Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber introduces new menu items

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A new and improved menu has been rolled out at the Crossings dining room at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber.

Chef Steven Hayes introduced the new menu to staffers in late January.  The new dishes include brunch, appetizers and dinner menu items.  

Here's a full list of the new, delicious foods you have to try in addition to our regular favorites:


  • Sausage, shrimp and grits
  • Breakfast strata
  • Warm spinash salad
  • Granny Smith & cranberry salad
  • Fried shrimp basket


  • Zucchini fries  


  • Granny Smith & cranberry salad
  • Fried shrimp basket
  • Stuffed pork chop
  • 9oz/4oz filet mignon
  • Fettuccine alfredo
  • Honey tarragon glazed salmon
  • Cauliflower General Tso's
  • Brown rice quinoa blend (side)
  • Roasted brussel sprouts (side)
  • Apple cranberry stuffing (side)
  • Crème brûlée (dessert)

For more information on culinary news, menus, and offereings, head over to our Culinary & Nutritional Services page.

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