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2014 Art Gallery Submissions

“Mule Train”by Mary Jo Riley

“Mule Train”

Collage by Mary Jo Riley

Eight-year Mount Pleasant resident Mary Jo Riley has been producing art for ten years. Her BA in Art Therapy and MA in Art Education have been a great influence on her work in both 2D and collage media. Mary Jo said that her love of animals and a playful attitude produced this piece, using handmade paper painting and brush and ink work.

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“Aerial View of E. St. Louis”by Harold Wetzel

“Aerial View of E. St. Louis”

Graphic Design by Harold Wetzel

Harold Wetzel, a Llanfair resident for two years, has been producing art since sixth grade. He studied at Cincinnati Art Academy and served as Art Director at Stocton Burkart ad agency. While Harold also works with pencil, oil, acrylic paint and other two-dimensional media, he created this piece by using Photoshop to alter a photo he took in St. Louis.


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“Out of the Darkness”by the Llanfair Expressionists

“Out of the Darkness”

Acrylic Painting by the Llanfair Expressionists

Residents with a wide range of abilities and diagnoses, including dementia, were asked to translate their feelings into color following a reminiscing and discussion session about a time in their life when they felt they were out of hope and feeling very sad. A canvas was prepared for them with a black background to represent this period of time. The colors represent what each resident turned to in time of need. For example, one resident chose dancing, represented by purple brush strokes all over the canvas. Residents identified people, places and things that helped them get “out of the darkness” and back to feeling happiness again. Residents were offered a wide range of tools from paint brushes to rags and sponges.


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“Mister Whiskers” by Lou McLove

“Mister Whiskers”

Photograph by Lou McLove

Lou McLove has lived at Swan Creek for two years. He has been creating art – photography, computer graphics, sketching and working with clay – for 30 years. This photo is of the family cat, who shares her villa with Lou, his wife Beverly, and their two dogs, Toby and Riley.


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“Iris Window”by Maynard Francis

“Iris Window”

Stained Glass by Maynard Francis

New Dorothy Love resident Maynard Francis has been creating art for ten years, but worked with wood as a carpenter before retiring. Maynard found this design at an art company and created a piece around it.


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“Hello, World!” by Lyman C. Peck

“Hello, World!”

Watercolor by Lyman C. Peck

Lyman Peck has lived at Mount Pleasant Retirement Village for 14 years. He has been painting with watercolors for two years. In this piece, a lamb appears to peek through a gap in a wooden log fence, accompanied by a friendly cardinal.


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“Floral Still Life”by Margaret Nelson

“Floral Still Life”

Needlework by Margaret Nelson

Margaret Nelson has lived at Llanfair Retirement Community for two years. This counted cross-stitch features a variety of techniques and makes you wonder, what is stitched and what is fabric?  


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“View from the Porch”by Liz Whitaker

“View from the Porch”

Watercolor by Liz Whitaker

Six-year Breckenridge Village resident Liz Whitaker has been producing art for 60 years. This piece recreates a view of the Lake Erie shore with a small boat, seen from a front porch. Liz also works with oil, acrylic, and fabrics.


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“Zona’s Forever Garden”by Donna J. Premer

“Zona’s Forever Garden”

Pressed Flower Arrangement by Donna J. Premer

Donna J. Premer has lived in Westminster-Thurber Community for a year and a half. She has been producing art for 40 years, and also draws, paints, quilts, embroiders, writes, and creates jewelry. She created this piece by pressing flowers in an arrangement. 


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“Because I’m Happy”by Cathy Dunham

“Because I’m Happy”

Watercolor by Cathy Dunham

Cathy Dunham began producing art with activity groups when she moved into Westminster-Thurber Community four years ago. This piece was created with water color, wet on wet, with concentrated color. She allowed the color to drip from the top of the page one layer at a time, then turned the painting upside down and repeated the process. She added details after the dripping was completed.


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“Faces”by Mary Pinter


Acrylic Painting by Mary Pinter

Eight-year Park Vista resident Mary Pinter has been creating art for about ten years; she began taking classes from local artists after she retired. Mary works with acrylics, watercolor, wood and mixed media. The background of this piece was created first, and the faces were added afterward.


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“Sunset on Lake Erie”by Lura Romei

“Sunset on Lake Erie”

Quilted Wall hanging by Lura Romei

Lura Romei has lived at the Vineyard on Catawba for a year. She has been producing art for 35 years. This piece is an original design portraying a sunset as seen refracted in the ripples of Lake Erie. The repeat of the same block in different orientations suggests perpetual movement.


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“Amazon Star”by Ardis Knarr

“Amazon Star”

Quilt by Ardis Knarr

Ardis Knarr has lived at Breckenridge for six years, but she has been producing art for over 20. This quilt was stitched using Bali batik fabrics. While she also does needlework such as crewel embroidery and cross stitch, Ardis says her joy is creating quilts working with lovely fabrics and color choices.


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