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Searching for Dorothy Love's final resting place

7-year-old Dorothy Love, from which Ohio Living Dorothy Love gets its namesake, died tragically in 1921 after she was fatally struck by a car in Sidney, Ohio.

What follows next remains a mystery as to her final resting place.  

According to Shelby County Post reporter Mike Barhorst, "Dorothy’s coffin was placed in the lower right-hand crypt of the Sexauer Family mausoleum" at Graceland Cemetery, which is unmarked.   However when contacted about the mausoleum, a member of the Sexauer family who takes care of the family crypt "indicated that her records reflect that seven chambers of the family mausoleum are occupied by members of the Sexauer Family, with the eighth chamber, that in the lower right-hand corner, reserved for her brother." 

Adding further, "she had never heard the story that Dorothy Love had ever been interred there" and wondered why Love would have been interred there.

For now, little Dorothy's final resting place will remain unknown.  In the meantime, you can read the full article from the Shelby County Post and learn more about Love's life and background.

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