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OWLS Class 1, October 1-2: Architectural Landscape and Neighborhoods in Historical Columbus

Posted on August 16, 2018 in OWLS School, In The News, Learning

Architectural Landscape and Neighborhoods in Historical Columbus

No hiking shoes required! If you drive through Columbus, see a neighborhood and wonder what is the story about this place or if you feel nostalgic and wonder what ever happened to this neighborhood- this is the class for you!


Books, Banks, Bursting Bubbles, and Architecture. How the 1920s changed Columbus from the downtown and the old city to the new suburbs.


Signs of the Times. From the jolly Mr. Peanut sign at High and State to the Wonder Bread letters that illuminate Italian Village, signage is often nostalgic, the comfort of a familiar place, and sometimes outrageous. What, you don't remember Champs Smorgasteria and Cowboy Bar?"


On the Avenue...Fifth Avenue..." Playing urban detective, we will find remnants of a water cure town, ethnic enclaves, summer homes for the wealthy, a factory that made gun carriages for the Spanish American War, and a bar with Polish icons.  When Columbus Wanted to be Chicago. Columbus at the turn of the 20th century wanted the architecture of The Great White City and achieved some of its successes and many of its vices and problems. 







Doreen Uhas Sauer is a longtime educator with Columbus City Schools and has worked extensively in international civic education. She previously served as board president for Columbus Landmarks and currently serves as its Education Outreach Coordinator. Doreen holds degrees in history from The Ohio State University. She has received statewide recognition for her work in preservation education, has developed more than 30 local history/architecture programs, and was named Ohio Teacher of the Year. She has co-authored several books on local Columbus history and is a frequent contributor to WOSU's Columbus Neighborhoods series.


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