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Welcome to the Pathway Home, a residence for 10 older adults who need long term nursing care.

The Pathway Home focuses on resident choice, meaningful relationships and opportunities for spontaneity and variety in daily living. We embrace the Eden Alternative philosophy, which believes that aging should be a continued stage of development and growth rather than a period of decline.

In every aspect of design, staffing and resident lifestyle, the Pathway Home represents transformation from a medical model institutional facility to an elder-directed family home. We encourage elders to participate, as much as possible, in making decisions about their day-to-day activities.

Elders have access to all areas of the house. Family members and other visitors ring a doorbell to enter through the front door into the foyer, just like home. The kitchen is centrally located and equipped for elders to take part in planning and preparing meals. Meals are served family style around a table where care partners and elders dine together. Cooking aromas fill the air, just like home.

Each elder sleeps in a private room with a private half bath. Elders are encouraged to bring their own furnishings and to personalize their private room. We even encourage personal choice of color for painted walls. Nothing in this home suggests institutionalization. In addition, staff provides the skilled nursing clinical care elders require 24-hours-a-day.