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Student in Residence: Meet our newest resident-- OSU student Natalie Gillespie

Posted on September 03, 2018 in Student in Residence

Meet our newest resident: Natalie Gillespie, an OSU social work graduate student, studying seniors in retirement.

Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber has partnered with the Age-Friendly Columbus and Franklin County program hosted by OSU's college of social work.

Read Natalie's story below:


It’s nearing the end of summer which means that for many college students, school is just around the corner. With this beginning often brings new transitions and experiences, including, for some people, moving to a new apartment. You could say that those qualities apply to my situation, moving into a studio apartment in a retirement community…right? At least that’s how I try to normalize it in my head. However, when a 21-year-old college student moves into such a place, what is so normal about that? The answer is, it’s not, but the abnormality of it introduces an opportunity to experience both the vulnerability and beauty of aging and to encounter some of the most wonderful people. That has been my experience here at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber so far.  I have been welcomed with open arms into a community that is genuine, caring and passionate. Never have I had the opportunity to learn from elders who are so wise and filled with a passion for life. Thank you to all of you here, especially those who have written me notes and invited me to community events. Take, for example, a statement from a letter I received on my second night here (pictured above).

It is so refreshing to be in an environment that includes rather than excludes and being able to apply these very same principles at my internship placement, Age-Friendly Columbus and Franklin County. It is there that I can utilize the individual interactions that I have with each of you to working towards making Columbus an age-friendly city. I am thrilled to be living with you all and am looking forward to learning about your lives and passions.


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