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Student in Residence: Natalie's blog entry 3

Posted on September 21, 2018 in Student in Residence

As I have been becoming acquainted with the OLWT campus, there are places that have been particularly inviting to me, especially those ones involving food. How awesome to have such a variety of places where one can sit down and relax. Throughout the year, I will sometimes focus my posts on my favorite places around OLWT. This week, I am going to be focusing on the Art Studio and the Thurber Tower rooftop!

The art studio was one of the first places I was shown when discussions began about my living here. I immediately fell in love. It is place of such variety, with a plethora of events hosted there regularly. It is incredible to see the level of involvement by so many of you. I also adore the different knitted items, especially the hats, which I hope to learn the know-how before my time here ends. The art studio is also where my formal activity “Porch Stories” will be hosted beginning October 1st at 10:00 am! Only qualification is listening to others! Join me to chat about unique stories in our lives and hearing from your friends and neighbors. This will be held weekly at the same day and time every week. More information to come in the Tower Post this Sunday.

My absolute favorite place on campus, however, is the rooftop of Thurber Tower. I have been spending many nights up there, soaking in the beautiful view with a book and a delicious glass of wine. It allows me to be at peace at a time in my life when peace rarely comes and I feel so spoiled that a view that beautiful is so accessible! I can also gaze upon the oasis of gardens and baffle at the number of “green thumbs” we have here! I have been trying to take mental notes of these gardens, as every plant I own seems to die no matter what I do.

Check out my future posts for other favorite places around OLWT!

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