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Posted on August 19, 2019 in In The News

For the last four years, musicians around the world have made their way back to their homeland, Columbus, Ohio, for their weeklong chamber music festival. 

VIVO Music Festival is approaching its fifth year! The annual festival revolves around bringing the community together to celebrate Columbus (the city and the people), music and creativity. 

For a second year during the last week of August, Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber will have the privilege of hosting the festival's musicians for their rehearsals. All weeklong residents and staff alike will get to enjoy the elegant chamber music as it resounds throughout the halls. Everyone is invited to sit in on the rehearsals! Several of our residents have volunteered to be the musicians' "escorts," as they show the musicians around the campus and guide them to their rehearsal locations. 


From last year's (August 2018) rehearsals on our campus. VIVO musicians practicing various Beatles' arrangements created by trumpeter, composer and arranger Brandon Ridenour


"The music of the VIVO musicians fills the Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber community with joy. What a special experience for residents and staff members to have this shared time together; and that experience has served to fuel and stir the soul with interesting conversations—between employees, residents and the musicians! We love VIVO Music festival."

-- Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber staff member


For information on concert dates, locations and tickets visit

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