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Literature that will Expand Your Mind

Posted on June 08, 2018 in Learning

Reading is a beneficial activity for people at any age. Whether you’re doing the reading yourself or are listening to another person (or, audiobook) read stories to you, your brain is receiving new information to process.

Reading builds up the brain and helps to generate intellectual fulfillment, whether you read masterpieces of years gone by, self-help novels, the finest literature of the modern era, or romance novels, successful living is possible at any age for those who follow the SIPS philosophy in the following areas:

  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Reading can help you achieve fulfillment in each of these areas. Here’s how:

Socially, you can join book clubs that meet regularly to discuss the books you’re reading. It’s a sort of social reading activity that keeps you engaged in the book and allows you to discuss your feelings about the books being read.

Intellectually, reading enables you to explore new cultures, learn new things, or simply expand your horizons. There are all kinds of books available to read so it’ll be easy to find something entertaining or educational to read about. Mystery novels, for example, take you on an intellectual journey, discovering and unlocking clues along the way. Psychology Today reported about one study that determined reading fiction is an activity that “enhances connectivity in the brain and improved brain function.

Physically, reading can help you stay on track in your efforts to get in shape. Consider the fitness goals you have set for yourself. They often include things like spend one hour per day walking (ie. gardening, using specific fitness equipment, or generally being active). Imagine how much more enjoyable that one hour would be if you spent it listening to an audiobook by a favorite author while working on your fitness goals. You get the benefit of the physical activity coupled with the joy of hearing a great story, words of motivation, or even positive thinking and self-help information. It’s a bonus for you!

Spiritually, reading can help take to you on a road to find greater inner peace. Whether it’s by bringing you closer to God or allowing you to embark on a spiritual path of your own, reading can aid you in all your spiritual journeys by providing new insights, solidifying existing ones, or simply showing you the path to letting go of the things that are holding you down.

Top Reads for Older Adults
When it comes to fiction, almost everyone has a favorite type of story to read. From romance to science fiction, murder mysteries, and detective novels. But if you want to delve deeper and get even bigger benefits from your reading, consider reading one or more of the following:

The best books are the books you read for the sheer enjoyment of reading, so read what pleases you most to read.

Ohio Living Breckenridge Village embodies the ideals of successful aging and fulfillment. Reading is an important part of that – one that we embrace wholeheartedly.