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10 Things To Consider When Choosing Rehab Choosing a rehab center isn’t always an easy thing to do.
There are emotional and physical concerns that need to be addressed during the rehab process – along with the need for privacy and other comforts to consider. Understanding these 10 basic concerns will help you make a decision you can be happy with.


Am I Ready? Q: How do you know when it’s the right time to start looking into a life plan community?
A: The answer isn’t easy; the timing is different for everyone when it comes to making the decision to take the next step in life.
You want to maintain your active and vibrant lifestyle. So how do you know you are ready for a change in your living arrangements? Let’s look at some of the signs indicating you are ready for the next experience of successful living.


How Do I Know It's Time? The decision to move into a life plan community is not always an easy one, but there are some good indicators that now might be the time to start exploring your options. In this eBook, we give you five questions you can ask yourself to help you stay in control of the decision-making process and figure out if it's time to explore senior living options.


Good Health in Every Season Ohio Living believes that good health is something that can be enjoyed and experienced at all ages. Successful living is about defying the stereotypes associated with aging and living a life of social, intellectual, physical and spiritual fulfillment. We are dedicated to providing our residents with every opportunity to do just that – all year long. This book will offer you a few ways you can maintain your health in every season.


Should I Stay or Should I Go The decision to stay where you are or make the move to a life plan community, like Ohio Living Mount Pleasant can be a difficult one to make for many people. It’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important to know what is right for you.


Talking to Your Parents About Independent Living Your parents have always been there for you. They’ve helped you through the ups and downs life has thrown your way. Now it’s time for you to help them make an important decision.
For some families, it’s all about knowing how to start the conversation. For others, it’s about saying the right things to avoid confrontations or misunderstandings with the parents you love. This book will offer suggestions on how to talk to your parents about the possibility of moving to a life plan community.


Comparing Older Adult Communities When you start considering retirement living options, it’s important to really look at what makes certain life plan communities a better fit for you, especially when it comes to your active lifestyle. It may be hard to determine exactly what you should be looking for when comparing your options. However, there are four things you don’t want to overlook: physical health, intellectual growth, spiritual engagement and social connection.


Navigating Downsizing After thoughtful research and discussion with your family and friends, you have successfully chosen a life plan community where you can challenge yourself and achieve new goals!
Whatever circumstances led you here – perhaps a change to your health or the desire to live in a community that is full of activities, cultural events and educational opportunities – you must be looking forward to enjoying your new home and the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual fulfillment it will provide.
This booklet can help you rightsize for successful living!


Talking to Your Parents About Assisted Living Your parents have always been there for you. They’ve helped support and guide you through major life decisions. If you’ve become worried about their health and safety, it may be time for you to help them make an important life decision of their own.


Shattering the Perceptions of Aging We believe in defying expectations and shattering perceptions related to aging. Once upon a time, aging adults were considered elders. They were revered for their knowledge and wisdom and played vital roles in the community. This remains our philosophy today.