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Celebrating Nurses’ Week 2020 : Superheroes in Scrubs

Posted on May 06, 2020 in

Superhero movies and comic books are more popular than ever before. But what is it that makes someone a superhero?

They fight against evil. They protect the vulnerable. They go toward danger. They have uncommon abilities. And they wear specific clothing that not only protects them but also signals their special identities to others.

Sounds like a nurse to us!

You see, for Ohio Living, the phrase “Superheroes in Scrubs” is so much more than a catchy way to describe our nurses. It’s the absolute truth.

Being exceptional comes easy to them. Our nurses don’t know how to be anything less.

Coronavirus has been called “the invisible enemy.” These selfless men and women are heroes, fighting on the front lines against the virus to protect the health and safety of their residents and patients.

Our nurses are caring for some of the most medically vulnerable people in Ohio. They are providing calm, compassionate, and thoughtful care. Equally important, they are providing love and reassurance at a time when residents and patients are unable to see their families.

The hours are long. Their work is complex, and both physically and emotionally demanding. Our nurses have adapted quickly to the new realities presented by the pandemic and helped us find creative solutions to new challenges.

They are meticulous in their efforts to avoid bringing germs into their workplace which could compromise the health of their patients. Likewise, they are meticulous in their efforts to avoid bringing germs into their homes which could compromise the health of their families. It’s a daily challenge, and one that won’t end anytime soon.

Ultimately, our nurses touch the lives of thousands of residents, patients and their families every year and embody Ohio Living’s faith-based mission. We cannot deliver on that mission without them.

Ohio Living, and all who stand with us, want our nurses to know that their hard work, compassion, optimism and kindness do not go unnoticed. We appreciate them, during Nurses’ Week and every day of every year.

Please join us in thanking our nurses for being Superheroes for Ohio Living!