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OPRS Foundation: Key Periods of Change

1986 Assets: $1,531,000

The OPRS Foundation was formed on July 1, 1986, and the Development Department of Ohio Presbyterian Homes was closed. A new Foundation Board was created with 40 members (reduced to 20 in 1998).

1991 Assets: $11,773,000

A task force was formed to review the operations of the Foundation. With the intention of moving the Foundation toward more of a major gifts approach, two regional offices were opened in Dayton and Stow. These offices were overseen by regional vice presidents. A third office in Toledo was later added.

1995 Assets: $18,333,000

The first statewide campaign was held. All eight existing campuses participated in the Keeping the Promise Endowment Campaign.

2000 Assets: $42,021,000

The Foundation began a structured fundraising program for Senior Independence, OPRS’ newly consolidated home and community based services division.

2002 Assets: $40,196,000

A second statewide campaign – The Mission, The Vision, The Promise – began, spinning off OPRS’ newly developed master plan for its communities. Each of the eight full CCRCs participated in this six-year, $55 million comprehensive campaign.

2009 Assets: $48,137,000

The Future Options Task Force addressed the financial downturn in the economy and concerns over cost of raising funds. Realizing that future gift expectations would not support the campaign staffing structure, the three regional offices were closed and six positions were eliminated.

2014 Assets: $74,317,000

The Foundation convened a group called the Initiative to Expand Horizons with the goal of looking at OPRS as a statewide system, identifying all current partnerships and networks, and finding new opportunities for collaborations and fundraising statewide.

Today Assets: $73,000,000*

As OPRS expands through partnerships, we are adapting for growth: A Future Fundraising Task Force helped us assess and refine our operations for future success. Two campaigns are ending as two others begin. And our launch of External Fundraising brings a focus on innovation and the promise of new opportunities.