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Cash Gifts Outright gifts are the most immediate and direct way for you to support our mission. You can mail a check or a money order to our corporate office at the address below, to the attention of the Ohio Living Foundation. Or you can make a gift now!

Estate Gifts If you’re not ready to part with your money today but still want to support our mission, consider making the Ohio Living Foundation part of your estate. There are many options, such as a gift through your will or trust, or naming us as a pay-on-death or transfer-on-death beneficiary. 

Tangible Personal Property You can give fine art, antiques, furniture and more. If you’re interested in this type of gift, one of our gift planning directors will work directly with you on the details of your donation. 

Real Estate This option can help you avoid the hassle of selling your home or vacation property. There’s even a way to donate your property that will pay you a fixed income for life! 

Life Insurance This gift can be as simple as making the Ohio Living Foundation the beneficiary of your paid-in-full life insurance policy. 

Retirement Assets Donating your retirement assets is not only a creative way to support our mission, it can also provide you with tax benefits and help with inheritance planning. Our gift planning directors would be happy to help you with no obligation. 

Securities Your donation of stocks, bonds or other appreciated securities can provide you with several tax benefits.