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We are committed to the style and practice of philanthropic fundraising. This approach recognizes the importance of voluntary leadership in our work and the voluntary character of giving. It also emphasizes how giving helps those in need and adds value to community life.

Accordingly, the interests of donors and prospective donors precede the interests of the Ohio Living Foundation. No program, agreement, trust, contract, or commitment shall be urged upon any donor or prospective donor that will benefit Ohio Living or any of its related organizations at the expense of the donor's interests. No agreement shall be made between the Ohio Living Foundation and any agency, person, company or organization on any matter concerning investments, management or any other issue that knowingly jeopardizes a donor's interests.

In addition, we prohibit the use of high-pressure techniques when dealing with donors or prospective donors. Our volunteers and staff will inform, serve, guide or otherwise assist the donor in fulfilling his or her philanthropic wishes, but never under any circumstances pressure or unduly persuade.

In this way, we seek to develop relationships with philanthropically motivated people, forging lasting partnerships that benefit the more than 90,000 older adults served by Ohio Living each year.

Click here to learn about the Donor Bill of Rights.