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Life Care Commitment

The longer we live, the more likely it is that we will exhaust our retirement savings. At many communities for older adults, residents whose financial resources run out face a harsh reality: they're asked to go elsewhere. That has never been the case at Ohio Living. In fact, since the day of our founding in 1922, no Ohio Living resident has ever been asked to leave because they’ve run out of the resources meant to see them through.

The program that allows us to fulfill this promise is called, appropriately, the Life Care Commitment - and it is one of the central values of Ohio Living. Not only does the Life Care Commitment assure residents that they will always have a home in our communities, it also means all residents receive the same high quality of health care and other services, regardless of their financial status. As long as personal resources are not impaired or misused, the Life Care Commitment will help assure that residents will not have to leave the campus they call home, or seek another place to receive care.

The generosity of donors currently underwrites 20 to 30 percent of the total cost of the Life Care Commitment each year. Since we anticipate tougher economic challenges in the future, strengthening this program is a priority.



We believe in letting patients control – to the greatest extent possible – how they live out the remainder of their lives, providing choice and dignity in their final days. When cure is no longer possible and comfort is the goal, Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice is there – ready to serve the patient in the place they call home. 

Each Ohio Living patient is served by a team that includes a nurse, aide, physician, pharmacist, social worker, chaplain, volunteer, team leader, clinical manager and volunteer coordinator. They work together to manage pain, ease symptoms, provide emotional and spiritual support, and train families to care for the special needs of their dying loved one. They provide a hand to hold through the pain of grieving, yet have only as much presence as the patient and family desire. 


Make it Happen®

Make it Happen® is a program that brings special moments of joy and meaning to those nearing the end of their lives by fulfilling their life-enhancing wishes. Each moment is unique and personal: It can be larger than life, like a hot air balloon ride, or a simple wish for family at a distance to come together one last time. Each Make it Happen® moment creates lasting memories for families of hospice patients served by Ohio Living. 



Many donors want to ensure that the programs they support now will still be available in the years to come. Gifts to endowment help make this possible because they are structured to provide continuing income lasting for the life of the organization.

Endowment gifts are invested in perpetuity. In other words, Ohio Living may use the investment income it generates, but it may never spend the gift’s principal, leaving it as a permanent asset to support the donor’s selected purpose. Donors may direct their gifts to a specific purpose or location. Donors may select from a variety of ways to give when establishing an endowment, with options for recognition and naming opportunities.


Spiritual Life

Our mission recognizes the meaningful relationship between physical, mental and spiritual well-being. These components of our mission are links in a chain of caring, each dependent on the other in order to provide for the whole person. What's more, there's a growing body of scientific evidence that indicates a direct correlation between spiritual health and physical health.

We have chaplains and spiritual care coordinators throughout the state to bring an ecumenical perspective to spiritual programming as well as sensitivity to the ways that we can nurture the continuing spiritual development of older adults.

We encourage residents to maintain their involvement with their own congregations and religious leaders, and so on a regular basis we invite those clergy to lead worship services on campus. We also invite residents’ congregations into partnerships with us in providing for the diversity of spiritual expression enjoyed by residents and staff.

As an organization, we affirm both our historic relationship with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and our commitment to welcome all faiths. Ohio Living is ecumenical; our communities and programs are open to persons of all faiths and are based on a spirit of inclusiveness.
Gifts can help us grow our Spiritual Life programs, including:

  • Speakers, programs, concerts and more that highlight a variety of religions and spiritual traditions.
  • Pastoral care and counseling for residents who are hospitalized or grieving.
  • Older adult ministry seminars for clergy.
  • Theological student internships.
  • Continuing education in spirituality for our staff.
  • Resources that make our programming more meaningful and festive, including Bibles, hymnals, music, worship banners, candles and more.


Capital Improvements & Programming

Just like your house, our communities have replacement, repair and beautification needs that often fall outside of the available budget. Coupled with advances in technology, the need for capital gifts is an endless stream. Your generous contributions provide the “extras” that help make our communities home to thousands of Ohio Living residents.

Gifts often enhance existing equipment such as adding comfy covers to bench seats or reupholstering dining chairs. Pianos need tuning and hallways need repainting. Contributions to capital needs allow the campuses to purchase new equipment to augment or expand the programs and activities provided to residents.

Support for campus beautification programs around the state brings a touch of nature, providing flowers, bushes, trees and other landscaping features that make our campuses more attractive and inviting for residents and guests.

Gifts for programming needs bring educational, cultural and social opportunities to our residents, important for enhancing quality of life.


Greatest Need

Unrestricted gifts help Ohio Living continue to bring services to the underserved without compromising quality of care. This keeps vital programs available where they're most needed.

Older adults with limited resources often have limited access to healthcare as well. Without assistance, these individuals are at-risk for illness, injury, loss of mobility within their community, and even a loss of their remaining independence.

Unlike many providers, Ohio Living chooses to aid the underserved older adults in Ohio by partnering with government-sponsored funding agencies like Medicaid and Passport to provide the care needed. But the payment from these agencies, while very important, does not meet the full cost of care and services provided. Many well-known providers choose not to serve those clients who qualify for funding assistance because they know that the reimbursement will not cover their costs.

As a not-for-profit organization, Ohio Living is committed to serving older adults regardless of who is paying the bills, and to serve all residents and patients with the same high quality of caring and compassionate service. Unrestricted gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations are vital to connecting community resources to those in need.